Forty Years Later is a singing and acting opera project celebrating the last year of whaling at Albany’s Cheynes Beach Whaling Station in Western Australia. It explores historical events around the 1977 Albany Save the Whale campaign through the workshopping and improvisation of local music, theatre groups and community. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to extend their singing and acting skills and contribute to the creation of scenes shared publicly in a performance showing. With the purpose of creating a unique community opera, the project forges collaborations between a number of community singing, acting and historical groups.

Forty Years Later traces the story of how Albany went from being a whale hunting town to a whale watching town. It is a story about whales, which tells us about humans. The 1977 Albany Save the Whale campaign is one of which Albany is immensely proud, and this August (2017) is the exact 40th anniversary of the start of the campaign. The closure of Cheynes Beach Whaling station the following year marked the end of whaling in all of Australia.

Now forty years later, inspired by the songs of these whales and whalers, we look to facilitate the telling of this monumental story through the medium of community devised opera. As an experienced community workshop facilitator and singer I am eager to draw on the rich tapestry of identities from Albany’s community and the physical remnants of the whaling industry. Not only does this project look towards creating a truly unique work of community opera for Albany, but it is founded on extending the singing and acting skills of participants. In particular extending their skills in devised musical processes relating to local history.

Workshop Series:

1st - 25th August 2017


27th of August 2017

Albany Town Hall Theatre,

York Street, Albany, 6330

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Albany, Western Australia 6330

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