Breaksea is a non-profit, multi-arts organisation on a quest to spread the joy of creativity.
Based in the Great Southern, we work across Western Australia championing regional artists and communities. We work collaboratively with professional and community organisations to co-create meaningful interdisciplinary arts and performance experiences. Committed to open access, innovation and exceptional performance, our work gives voice to the rich and diverse stories of Western Australia. We engage communities and emerging artists to work alongside world class singers, performers, composers, filmmakers, dancers and visual artists in celebration of creative expression and community cohesion.

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Guest Artists 2022


  1. Tim Dunn - Writer, Theatre Maker

  2. Sarah Drummond - Author

  3. Roly Skender - Projection Artist

  4. Mand Marky - Artist

  5. Serena McLauchlan - Artist

  6. Robyn Receveur - Artist

  7. Sue Codee - Artist

  8. Mel Daw - Artist

  9. Jane Davis - Puppeteer

  10. Sanjiva Margio - Puppeteer

  11. David Rastrick - Musician

  12. James Gentle - Musician

  13. Flood the Moon - Musician

Youth Artists 2022


  1. Bonnie Staude - Voice

  2. Imogen Taylor - Voice

  3. Naomi Lake - Author

  4. Jarrad Inman - Voice