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to our 2024

A brand new season from Breaksea with 5 meaningful projects, exploring relationships between generations in the community, telling true stories of connection and finding purpose, and spreading joy and messages of kindness and culture. A full year of community and youth engagement, touring in the regions with performances in Perth and Albany. 
Come together with Beacon ~ City of Joondalup Community Choral Project, find your way back with Caretaker, be transported by Malkar, be enchanted by our touring show Seadragon, and celebrate the joy of culture with a Nyittiny creation story in our school series, Aliwah Bardinar!
An ode to connection and togetherness.
Together. Connected. United.
Breaksea, side by side.




2024 City of Joondalup Festival ~ Community Choral Project


Open Workshops | Thursdays


1, 8, 15, 22, 29 February & 7, 14 March

St. Stephen’s School, Duncraig 

Dress Rehearsal 15 March 

Duncraig Community Centre


Free Public Performances | Sunday 17 March 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Hillary’s Boat Harbour | Electric Kingdom Installation


Beacon, this year’s City of Joondalup Community Choral Project is an exciting community activity that brings together singers of all ages and abilities from all over Perth. This is a great opportunity, open to all West Australians, to be together, have fun and learn something new!


Over 7 weeks with Music Director Pia Harris, the choir will meet weekly to participate in engaging and fun-filled sessions learning songs with interesting processes and vocal parts.


Our theme for 2024 is Beacon. In being a beacon of hope and light to others, we have the opportunity to lead and encourage other people through dark passages of life into the light. We encourage intergenerational participation in this project, the families that we are born into and the ones that we create as our own. Making time with and for the people in our lives, we will connect through our weekly commitment and share the experience of the power of singing and music making together. We will be exploring knowledge sharing between generations, history and culture, with a strong emphasis on building and maintaining community. 


With uplifting, inspiring music from Florence & The Machine, Jackie Wilson to Breaksea original pieces, the sessions will culminate in free outdoor performances, Sunday 17 March 7pm & 8pm, Hillary’s Boat Harbour amongst the captivating Electric Kingdom installation.




Seadragon @ AQWA

Friday 12 & Saturday 13 April 

10am and 1pm


Circuitwest Tour 

29 April - 9 June 2024

 Wheatbelt | Goldfields-Esperance | South West 

Great Southern | Pilbara

Port Hedland Tour 

31 October - 2 November 2024

Matt Dunn Theatre | Port Hedland


The Magical Weedy Seadragon is a magical transformative adventure from ocean to shore, following a young child who has forgotten how to be kind. 


When the child finds a Magical Weedy Seadragon washed up on shore and chooses to take it home, they find themselves magically transformed into a fish! Facing raging oceanic currents, sea creatures and a dazzling aquatic talent quest, the child must learn the most important lesson of all - kindness. 


This interactive, musical production is brought to life by 3 exceptional performers, extravagant costumes, cute puppets and incredible new music. Children will be swept up in the magic of theatre with opportunities to interact with characters and contribute to the performance. 


Developed over a 4-month period with primary school children from across the Great Southern, the performance features live music, quirky characters and a sprinkling of magic. Children will enjoy opportunities to interact with characters and contribute to the performance. 


Featuring Breaksea artists, Pia Harris & Jarrad Inman, directed by Matt Ward, with music by Jonathan Brain.

Tickets are now on sale for our performances at AQWA at the link below.




Friday 12 July 4pm & 7:30pm

Albany Entertainment Centre


An immersive play with music interludes, Malkar explores the universal theme of memory told through the eyes of Harry, a world war one serviceman. What happens when Harry is thrust into blindness, with only memories of home, family and country to guide him?


Set against the remarkable backdrop of the 1918 Armistice, Malkar is a modern interpretation of a hundred year old event. Text, music, harmonies and projections interweave to draw the audience on a sonic journey of hope, compassion and love. 


Malkar is a reworking of Breaksea’s By Other Eyes, a work of choral-theatre performance commemorating the centenary of Armistice, the end of the First World War. Created and inspired by partnerships with local Noongar elders and the people of the Great Southern, Malkar is a visceral insight into the human experience.




Saturday 24 August


A transformative play with musical interludes in collaboration with UWA Conservatorium of Music 


With the dawn comes the warmth of sunlight, the coming of the wind and with it comes the Caretaker. Following people of all kinds, she collects the lost selves that people discard, simply forget or unknowingly lose. No self is ever truly lost, it just comes to her for a time. She guards the self, keeping it safe in the pockets of her magical cloak. You cannot recognise her in a crowd and you will not know what she looks like until you see your lost self cradled in her hand. 


Following the true Great Southern stories of family, connection and purpose, Caretaker will take you on a journey of self discovery, understanding and hope for the future. 


After its successful premiere in the Albany Entertainment Centre in 2021, Caretaker returns to the stage in collaboration with UWA Music.

_Rachael_ by Mel Daw.jpg

Aliwar Bardinar!
by Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse


Hilton Primary School Residency 

July-September 2024


In the Nyittiny, our creation time, the animals were getting ready to go celebrate the arrival of karla, the fire. Maarli, the Swan had received fire from Kower the Lorikeet and Watti the pigeon, who’d taken it from the tail of Mika the moon. All the animals were happy, excited, were painting up with ochre and practising all their moorditj dance moves.


Sitting up in the tree, little Bardinar was watching it all happen but he was in no hurry to get ready.


Bardinar is visited by the animals, each in turn they ask him what he is going to wear to the Campfire. After each interaction, the animals leave some ochre on the ground. When Koolbardi comes to ask what Bardinar is going to wear to the Campfire, Bardinar says “I don’t have best friends who’d carry fire, or water, I don’t change in my sleep, I don’t swim and I can’t do deadly middar like Djidi Djidi.” What happens when Bardinar realises he has left it too late to get ready? What will the Bardinar discover about himself and his community?


Telling the story of how the Bardinar (Western Rosella) got its colours, this joyful new children’s show written by Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse, begins its journey as a residency at Hilton Primary School with workshops over several weeks and a final production performed at the school. Breaksea has hopes to tour Aliwah Bardinar! in the future.

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